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Joining the lab

The last three MIT/WHOI Joint Program students from the Fish Ecology Lab (from left) Kelton McMahon, Li Ling Hamady, and Camrin Braun.

The last three MIT/WHOI Joint Program students from the Fish Ecology Lab in graduation order: (from left) Kelton McMahon (graduated Dec 2011), Li Ling Hamady (graduated Jan. 2014), and Camrin Braun (expected graduation Sept. 2018).

We host students, post-doctoral researchers and guest investigators in the lab.   The Oceanographic has a number of programs that may be relevant so look around and see what might fit your interests and current situation. Please contact me directly if you would like to pursue any of these opportunities with a description of your research interests along with a CV.

WHOI offers 18-month postdoctoral scholarships that support postdocs to pursue their research interests with guidance from one or more of the scientific or senior technical staff.

Graduate Students
Students interested in graduate studies at WHOI almost always apply to the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography.  Funding is always limited, so I would urge you to investigate additional sources of funding well in advance of applying to the program. The application deadline for the Joint Program is usually during the first week of January and students must have completed the GRE (and TOEFL for international students).

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students interested in conducting summer research projects should apply to the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship Program or the Woods Hole Partnership Educational Program. Both of these programs provide financial support and housing, and have application deadlines in February.

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